Who is involved?

Who was involved

Each site includes a small advisory committee of two to three local individuals who can help to identify appropriate ways to access youth, help to define the construct of resilience, and oversee the ethical application of the research in their community. These individuals are influential in their community of service providers and act as aids for dissemination of results
to practitioners and policy makers.

Principal investigator

Dr. Linda Liebenberg
Dalhousie University,
Halifax, NS, Canada

Project Managers

Janice Ikeda
Jenny Reich

Community partners and Co-investigators

Daphne Hutt-MacLeod
Director Eskasoni Mental Health & Coordinator Tui’kn Case Management/Mental Wellness Teams

Darlene Wall
Social Sector Manager

Michele Wood
Nunatsiavut Government
Department of Health & Social Development

Site Researchers

Mallery Denny
Jeannine Denny
Jane Francis
MR (Matthew Ryan) Gould
Doreen Penny
Arnold Sylliboy
Amber Vincent


Atlantic Aboriginal Health Research Program
Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts Networks of Centers of Excellence
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

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